Makeness – ‘Day Old Death’ [Secretly Canadian]

Coming grumbling out of its little sonic cave of mystery, comes a hypnotic confluence between programmed cellos and drum machines atop a wave of harmonic distortion, all resolving to a grinding but almost gentle break-beat.

This all soon tightens in to a more defined groove that puts me in mind of Hot Chip, with a joviality in its step that I didn’t expect from a song of such a title.

There are shades of Maya Jane Coles, Friendly Fires, and MSTRKRFT here too, which are all wonderfully absorbed into the heart of this unruly yet Zen creature.

It certainly has its very own devious schemes, and with that, a hugely enjoyable confidence in where it starts off and onward to the evolution that follows.

This is a track that screams for looped replays as it changes form more times than I could count on a single listen.

For a track with no defined verses, and it is just that, a “track” as opposed to a song, Makeness have made something short, sweet and at the same time sinister and sincere, that has a way of burrowing into your skin, and you won’t mind one bit.

Words:Krist McKenna


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