Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do’ [Turnstile]

I fully expected this to be a singer-songwriter standard of “me and my piano” when this track first opened, which I’d have had no issue with in the least.

A warm toned and instantly engaging voice soon compliments a sort of 19th century western style tack piano with a syncopation that feeds into a melody that feels sombre but hopeful at the same time.

Martha Ffion uses a vulnerability to pass emotion over a sweeping melody, but at no point has any weakness in her voice itself.

It’s more of an opening up of the self to the listener than a shying behind the music.

Running at only two-and-a-half-minutes, ‘We Make Do’ is perfect in its form, from the hook laden chorus, to the timely middle-8 and its radio-talk vocal treatment, it sits perfectly ready for me to press play once more, which I will do repeatedly.

I’ve a feeling that Martha Ffion knows exactly what she is doing, and I’m ok with it.

Words:Krist McKenna

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