Savage Cut with Leyla Josephine – ‘Andy From Finance’

On the rare occasions that artists from different disciplines collaborate if its good it tends to be very good and this is one of those occasions.

Leyla Josephineis a rising star on the spoken word scene having had a successful year with her one person show ‘Hopeless’ and many other events.

Livingston post punk outfit Savage Cutoperate as collaborators and co-conspirators with other artists whom they seek out.

Having seen the spoken word performance of ‘Andy From Finance’ by Josephine it was a true pleasure to discover this gem of a track/collaboration.

An all too real story we may have witnessed or participated in (think office Xmas party!) and we all know somebody like ‘Andy’.

The subject (or victim) of the tale was she the architect of the debacle or was she the victim of something more sinister?

No matter, either way the conclusion of the tale leaves you with an uneasy feeling.

Tied in with the gritty driving rhythms of this rock-solid backing track the result is an engaging, thought provoking diamond of a track demonstrating the best of both what Savage Cut and Josephine have to offer.

Roll on the next such collaboration.

Words: Derek McCutcheon

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