The HD Project – ‘Buzzin’’

A hip hop record with its roots in reggae and it’s soul in Glasgow, that’s where we find ‘Buzzin’’ the first track off a forthcoming EP, The Beautiful Struggle, launched by multi-instrumentalist The Henry Davis Project but under the moniker The HD Project.

Peter Dyer was born Henry Davis in Holloway Prison, where his mother was resident, and was fostered for six months before being adopted by a family in Scotland.

He was brought up on a diet of classical music before discovering more diverse tastes with a love for Jazz and being drawn to music from black and mixed race artists such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, BB King etc.

Dyer and his wife have recently travelled the world for a year and a half where he would busk or gig every day; necessary to put food on the table but at the same time developing his art.

It’s clear these travels have influenced his music and its difficult to identify his Scottish roots.

What is clear is that he is comfortable mixing musical genres, but by his own admission his visit to Bob Marley’s birthplace in his teens had a profound effect on his musical direction.

‘Buzzin’’ has a modern fresh sound where you can clearly hear elements of rocksteady, ska and Reggae; a very positive song telling of the good feelings from the love of another.

His talent as a singer/songwriter is clear to see and the modern sound combined with traditional elements could easily find itself in the mainstream amongst the best that Scotland has to offer.

Words: Derek McCutcheon

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