The Spook School – Could It Be Different? [Alcopop]

This is The Spook School’s third album and it still holds a very youthful, carefree buoyancy that stays a float above a catalogued amount of music that is as deep as the ocean.

Released by Alcopop, Could it be Different?is another cry out for their influence of finding their own identity, not just musically as a band but in their sexuality.

The album itself is another pass over for The Spook School’s noisy, tuneful and victorious pop queer songs, that the band has melodically strung over two previous albums, and it is still ever so present in their newest installment.

However, before the release of the album, the videos came first.

‘Still Alive’, which was the first of three videos to be released, came across as comedic in which someone puts the band members through their misery and silences them because of the racket they have been making in the cupboard.

The song itself echoes the experience of being in an abusive relationship as frontman Nye Todd explains “my tendency was to blame myself for not seeing the signs or leaving sooner which wasn’t helpful or fair”, Todd sends this message very clear through the lyrics of “fuck you, I’m still alive”.

‘Less Than Perfect’ is the follow up and is ranked as the third track in the album, it feels as if to portray the want to have made better use of your younger life and not have been so caught up in growing up, but still being loved for who you are and, for still being wanted at home.

The video makes use of a rewind feature where Adam Todd eats a bowl of noodles and Anna Cory wipes away at the tiger that has been face painted on.

The last video to be released before the premier of the album was ‘Body’ and I have no idea why but the aesthetic to the video reminds me of Saved By The Bell.

It has that 90’s colourful retro vibe where the only body part used by each member is there head, their own bodies are created through cut up, pop culture images.

For me ‘Body’ is the flagship for this band’s self image of getting accustomed to the skin you are in, trying not to be unconfident, while everyone around you seems cozy and at ease with who they are.

Could it be Different?should be hailed for its approach to songwriting and making it relatable for everyone no matter what your gender, sexuality or feelings are to being human and how you express yourself, as Todd rightly says “we want our shows to be fun. There’s a bit of party in our songs, no matter what the subject matter is.”

Words: Craig Carrington-Porter

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