Last Night From Glasgow 2nd Birthday Party with BiS, L-Space, Sun Rose, Stephen Solo at Stereo, 31/3/18

A sign of success of the not for profit record label Last Night from Glasgow is the packed-out attendance (and feel good vibe) at this second birthday party.

Kicking things off and compering through the night, as he is prone to do, is Stephen Solo, performing ‘solo’ as he does on this occasion he is armed with an electric guitar as opposed to a ukulele or iPhone as on previous occasions.

Interspersed with jokes and anecdotes Solo is the ultimate entertainer who as well as producing excellent music gives us a real and fun look at daily life through his songs.

Be it our reliance on the World Wide Web for everything in ‘Internet Song’ or a look at the ‘normal’ things we have to do that the Icon that was David Bowie would never have to do in ‘David Bowie Never Had To’.

Humorous, thought provoking, down to earth and producing great music with only a guitar and iPad this is what we (as label members) have come to expect.

A stripped back Sun Rose, in fact only two members Albert Kawmi and Gus Wemyss take to the stage next (the rest of the band are Manchester based).

With the support of some samples, Wemyss on synth and Kawmi on guitar they are able to recreate the full band sound impeccably.

Sun Rose has a strong funky, clubby feel to their music and we are treated to the first two singles ‘Smirk’ and ‘Minima’ as well as tunes from the debut album, The Essential Luxury.

One of the album songs, ‘Aishti’ is sung in Arabic and Kawmi asks “any Arabic speakers – I really hope not” anyway however it translates like the rest of the set it certainly sounds good.

L-Spaceis a dreamy pop band who embrace technology, which is no surprise given they seem to be from the future.

Floating, dreamy vocals with strong pop melodies and science fiction soaked lyrics L-Space are one of the more recent LNFG recruits.

They take to the stage with some props including a neon pink flamingo and Lily’s electronic headwear and they treat us to their latest single ‘Suneaters’ some recognisable tunes from recent gigs as well as a new song ‘Back Up Baby’ about cloned babies.

Expect these to form the basis of their debut album on LNFG due to be launched in September this year.

Closing the show are the excellent BIS, veterans in this company, it was a surprise albeit a pleasant one when intimation of their signing to LNFG came through.

BIS are a bubblegum power pop band who operate in excess of 100mph.

Following the gentle, dreamy pop of L-Space this is like building a crescendo of tsunami proportions to take us to the end of the night.

Introduced by Stephen Solo with a typical amusing anecdote about how the band were named (think taxis and love children!).

Where L-Space took us in to the future BIS take us back to the 90s as are treated to all the classics from their back catalogue.

Energy levels were through the roof with Manda Rin showing no signs of post-natal lethargy.

With all these recognisable hits and the fact that the music gets in to your soul the dancers in the crowd are out in force.

A couple of new songs are introduced with typical BIS gusto and probably as expected ‘Kandy Pop’ was held for the finale; what an end to an intoxicating night.

All that is left to do was pick up our members’ goodies including the next LNFG release the Zoë Bestel, Transciencealbum.

Oh what fun and more to come as a £50 member of Last Night from Glasgow.

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon

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