Nasari – ‘Afterglow/Robyn’s Room’ [Spinnup]

Baptising their band after a Turkish charm used to protect against evil, Edinburgh indie four-piece Nasaricome blistering out the traps of their college-crafted sound with double A-side ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Robyn’s Room’.

Screeching into sound on Scalextric wheels, hi-tempo cymbals, and a rotor-bladed rhythm section, the light vocals of Joshua Cakir on ‘Afterglow’ are ably supported by the bluster of his bandmates.

Regrettably the melody wrestles to fluctuate enough to carry attention, but offers enough embryonic potential to develop and merit the listener’s endurance.

‘Robyn’s Room’ is initially a more sedate prospect sliding into Interpol-quivering guitars, which hover over engaging, echo-chambered vocals.

During their mini-tour in March 2018, watching Nasari live promises to charge enough volts to warrant an investigation from Scottish Power, leaving a welcome afterglow in the audience’s bones.

Words: Stephen Watt

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