THE NINTH WAVE – ‘New Kind Of Ego’ [Distiller]

‘New Kind Of Ego’, the latest single from THE NINTH WAVE, finds the four-piece focusing on insecurities and trust issues.

The track builds gradually, beginning with a piercing, distorted guitar, as lead vocalist Haydn Park-Patterson channels his inner Robert Smith delivering the heartbreakingly beautiful howl of “you don’t seem to care and it kills me”.

By the time the minute mark hits, the whole band has joined him and the track flits at various points between melodic electronica, and cacophonous post-punk.

A more complete single you will struggle to find all year, and this is one which finds a band marry their sound and image perfectly.

THE NINTH WAVE is unquestionably one of the most exciting bands in the country at the moment.

After a stream of consistently excellent releases, they raise the bar yet again with ‘New Kind Of Ego’, which more than justifies the belief that many industry tastemakers share that it is a matter of when, not if, the Glaswegians break into the mainstream.

Words: Graham McCusker


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