Zoë Bestel (album launch), Annie Booth, Jared Celosse at Hug and Pint, 22/4/18

The tentacles of Last Night for Glasgow are stretching further and further so much so that with links to Olive Grove Records they can call on the services of Jared Celosse to support the Zoë Bestel, Transciencealbum launch.

Three solo artists in this intimate venue it is a sign of the expected atmosphere when you find the front of the stage seated (in fact with some reserved tables).

22-year-old singer/songwriter Celosse takes centre stage behind his keyboard and treats us to a set of beautiful and haunting songs about loneliness and love lost.

Celosse treats us to a taster of his recent EP, Four Cold Walls, and you can hear a pin drop during ‘Lost My Voice’.

In a short set we are treated to the first play of a brand-new song, all of which sounds very unique with standout individual vocals explained in part by his upbringing from London to Glasgow via Prague.

Annie Booth recently graced the same stage at her own album launch with a full band in tow, but tonight once more a solitary figure takes the stage.

Despite not having had a good day and deciding to run without a setlist (deciding which song to play as she goes along) Booth treats us to a set showcasing the recent album An Unforgiving Light.

Booth tells us early doors that she may not be brave enough to play a brand-new song sadly it doesn’t materialise; maybe a setlist would have forced her hand.

Regardless Booth gets the guitar to sing, with her wonderfully unique vocals.

It’s always a treat to listen to her performance and as ever there is an air of fragility belied by the confidence in her execution.

It always adds to understanding to know the context in which a song was written, and Booth explains that ‘Reverie’ is about the emotional turmoil after getting drunk.

Booth leaves the stage to be replaced by a guitar stand with two sizes of ukulele and this is the most ‘roadie’ action we’ve seen all night.

Zoë Bestel’s Transcienceis the latest release on LNFG and this is the first of two launch nights, with a Voodoo Rooms date in Edinburgh the other.

Bestel explains that she is going to perform the album as per the tracklisting despite the fact this will involve frequent changes of ukulele as well as some retuning.

Bestel takes time out to explain some of her thoughts in her writing, including the inspiration of the view of the Galloway Hills from her bedroom window, ‘Spiders’ written about the way the media portray and perpetuate hatred or the single ‘Eye for An Eye’, written in 2015 after the Syrian air strikes.

She goes on to tell us ‘Gumusservi’ is the Turkish word for the oldest relationship – which is in fact the relationship of the moonlight shining over water.

The performance is mesmerising and the audience reverential with barely a word being spoken during the three performances.

With the album showcase being over it is time for a cover as a finale and ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack is wondrous and just so right.

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon


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