Madonnatron, Chupa Cabra, Objectified, Yung KP at Broadcast, 13/4/18

Yung KP is ‘young’ in every sense of the word having only gigged live since November 2017.

A straightforward three-piece guitar band with strong punk leanings they recently launched an EP on Fuzzkill Records, they have strong credentials and are building their craft with a number of live gigs this year.

Short sharp songs, aggressive vocals and equally aggressive drums and guitar these guys certainly let us know they are in the house.

Objectified is potentially the most exciting and unique band on the Glasgow scene at the moment.

More of a collective than a band, with a fusion of diverse ideas and influences, which crossover at just the right point.

Their performance is mesmerising with seven individual performers it’s hard to know where to focus.

If the band members seem autonomous then the songs are even more so; you get truly engaged when you don’t know who is going to sing next, what style it will take and how the rhythm will be formed.

With apparently no setlist and a quick chat to decide what’s next we are treated to the stand out songs from recent album, Talent, including ‘Behave Tony’, ‘(Thinkin’ About) Converting to Islam’, ‘The Slave Can Sing’ and ‘El Patron’ where Charlotte Arnhold loses her drum machine, but that doesn’t matter as they still demonstrate their diversity whether it be screaming guitars, synths, trumpet or the drums providing the infectious rhythm.

There is something just so right about how this all comes together, it shouldn’t work but it does.

Chupa Cabra take to the stage next with a more straightforward three-piece line up.

The garage rock band from North Wales bring their fast paced punky, rock n roll with singer and guitarist Hayden manically strutting about the stage like a latter-day Wilko Johnson.

His vocals are fast and fierce and where he is manic, Nathan on the bass is mister cool swaggering about the stage.

Songs from their recent self-titled album including ‘Assembly Line’, ‘King Leech’ and he single ‘Venice and Mars’ go down well with an appreciative audience.

An excellent set of straight up garage rock with loads of energy they have a strong punk vibe built around some classic rock and roll sounds.

It could have all went wrong when Hayden challenges the crowd about “all being from the Art School”, however it passes by with a “we love Glasgow” and all is good.

Chupa Cabra labelmates (Trashmouth Records) feminist post-punks Madonnatron are the headliners and sing with angst and feeling.

They deliver full rich sounds with multiple vocalists, dreamy and haunting at the same time the songs are a bit sinister exploring the darker side of femininity.

With the strong female contingent now commanding the front of the stage there is plenty of audience participation in the strong choruses and plenty dancing to boot.

With their new single ‘Mermaids’, which is performed on the night, getting some traction on Radio 6 Madonnatron are on the up and given this was a free gig with four excellent sets there can be no complaints.

Madonnatron close the proceedings with a fine gesture when they make a collection for the Simon Community.

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon

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