The Animal Mothers, FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY, FAT BLACK CATS at Sleazy’s 28/4/18

An evening of musical debauchery at Sleazy’s kicks off with one of the busiest garage punk bands around FAT BLACK CATS.

Always guaranteeing an intense powerful performance tonight is no different; fast paced strong rhythms and pounding drums and FAT BLACK CATS blast through their repertoire with taps aff, swapping instruments and stirring the audience into a frenzy, which seems to be their mantra.

If you’re out shopping for an opening act to get the party started, then look no further than this multi-talented raucous trio.

FRANKY’S EVIL PARTYis back in town and has their own distinct views on how to party.

They deliver an equally intense but notably angrier and darker spectacle than FAT BLACK CATS.

Where each of the cats is at times the front man there can be no denying that Josh is the focal point in FEP with his onstage antics, unique dancing and frightening fervour.

Kicking off with their latest release ‘Dolph Lundgren’ their delivery is as tight as a drum.

The driving, pounding and wailing set includes live favourite ‘Disco Inferno’ and new songs ‘Scummy John’ and ‘Shut Up and Dance’.

They throw the rulebook out of the window doing their own thing and nobody is going to get in the way.

The tension and barrage of sound gets under your skin like they’re using some form of voodoo.

The Animal Mothers is headlining this one and if you aren’t emotionally drained by this point then they are determined to extract what is left.

The Animal Mothers are prolific when it comes to laying down tracks and tonight they begin by introducing us to new song ‘Tsunami’.

Rapid-fire succinct rock ‘n’ roll tinged surf punk they fire through some of the best of their recent album, The Animal Mothers Must Be Destroyed.

Wallace Pate on lead is in charge of whipping up the audience with the assistance of FAT BLACK CATS who’ve got it all going on at the front of the stage.

A couple of new songs, ‘Holy Junkie’ and ‘In the Swamp’, and we finish with the usual finale ‘I Am Distortion’ and that’s it it’s over; breathe!

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon


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