Premiere: Peter Cat – ‘Hand Through Hair’

Yesterday we gave the first share to the brand new Peter Cat video for ‘Hand Through Hair’, here’s a little something the man behind the band had to say about it:

“To paraphrase Liz Lemon, we’ve been workin’ on our night cheese.

“Our new single ‘Hand Through Hair’ is a cocksure cocktail of fuzzed-out guitars and frustrated desires; equal parts glam-rock stomp, art-school pomp and egregious self-pity.

“It’ll have 90s kids digging their parents’ greasy Mud and Slade LPs out from the attic in a furtive frenzy, and thus go some small way to bridging the intergenerational divide we as a society are currently mired in.

“It was recorded at Glasgow’s all-analog Green Door Studios, and mixed by producer wunderkind Chris McCrory of Catholic Action, who’s given it as many thumbs up as he’s biologically capable of (I’ll leave you to infer the precise number).

“You can hear ‘Hand Through Hair’, and more, in an intimate (probably too intimate) live setting on the ‘PETER CAT IS RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE’ UK tour, beginning 6th June at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh.”


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