Nilüfer Yanya, ALASKALASKA at Broadcast, 23/5/18

A balmy, Wednesday evening in Glasgow is a rare thing indeed; Nilüfer Yanya’s knack for writing warm, fuzzy pop songs, equally so.

The small, but respectful crowd at Broadcast seem at ease with their decision to sacrifice the warm glow of Glasgow’s early summer for the young Londoner’s soulful melodies.

While support act ALASKALASKA provided energy in their own upbeat, experimental and downright fun way, Yanya delivers more introspection with her husky tones and R&B inspired beats.

While performing live does not yet seem like a wholly comfortable experience; exemplified by her fleeting interactions with the crowd, Yanya’s effortless delivery of ‘Thanks 4 Nothing’ and ‘The Florist’ seem to justify her inclusion in multiple 2018 best newcomer lists.

The highlight however, comes mid-set, as the band of four rip into ‘Baby Luv’, her breakthrough single, a guitar-driven, lo-fi indie treat that would have King Krule reaching for his Fender.

The short, but sweet 50-minute set is Yanya’s first gig in Glasgow but she’ll no doubt be back for more Caledonian hospitality in the near future.

“We didn’t realise Glasgow was so warm and sunny” is the chosen joke of Fraser Reiley during the support slot and while we cannot guarantee the weather ever again, Yanya’s pop music will always be welcome on these shores, hopefully to many more ears.

Words: Harry Conway

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