Riverside Festival, 27/5/18

It’s a beautiful sunny day by the Riverside Museum as Four Tet takes to the MasterMix stage; Electric Frog and Pressure’s Riverside Festival has become an unmissable event on the Scottish electronic scene in recent years and the blue skies and scorching heat set the tone for the sixth coming of the event to be biggerContinue reading “Riverside Festival, 27/5/18”

Riverside Festival, 26-27/5/18

The river glitters and so do the arses on this most spectacular weekend in Glasgow: early summer sun competes with remarkable sparkling butts, freshly decorated at the onsite stall. While it may not appeal to Rave Child on the ground, the young folk being basted in pounding house and techno all weekend are not soContinue reading “Riverside Festival, 26-27/5/18”

Cutty’s Gym (EP launch), Objectified, Shredd at The Hug and Pint, 25/5/18

Contenders for hardest working band of the year, Shredd open this Cutty’s Gym EP launch at The Hug and Pint. Shredd seem to get better every gig, what happens if you improve exponentially are these guys in danger of exploding in a puff of smoke! Wearing their guitars higher than Simon Cowell’s trousers and with ChrisContinue reading “Cutty’s Gym (EP launch), Objectified, Shredd at The Hug and Pint, 25/5/18”

Nilüfer Yanya, ALASKALASKA at Broadcast, 23/5/18

A balmy, Wednesday evening in Glasgow is a rare thing indeed; Nilüfer Yanya’s knack for writing warm, fuzzy pop songs, equally so. The small, but respectful crowd at Broadcast seem at ease with their decision to sacrifice the warm glow of Glasgow’s early summer for the young Londoner’s soulful melodies. While support act ALASKALASKA provided energyContinue reading “Nilüfer Yanya, ALASKALASKA at Broadcast, 23/5/18”

FREAKENDER presents Levitation Room, Domiciles, Black Cat Revue at The Old Hairdressers, 22/5/18

Even though it’s a Tuesday, quite a few psychedelic and 60s reminiscent band lovers are gathered tonight at the The Old Hairdressers. At first the venue is almost completely empty, but as soon as Black Cat Revue start their set, the energy and loudness of their music fills the whole room up with people in noContinue reading “FREAKENDER presents Levitation Room, Domiciles, Black Cat Revue at The Old Hairdressers, 22/5/18”

Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers (album launch) at CCA, 18/5/18

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder so a rare live appearance and some new music from Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers certainly piques the interest. Always a visual extravaganza this album launch for The Hare, The Moon, The Droneis no different. Jacob Yates (Jake Lovatt) takes to the stage at the CCAContinue reading “Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lockpickers (album launch) at CCA, 18/5/18”

Car Seat Headrest at ABC, 18/5/18

Where should you start off with Car Seat Headrest? Should your jumping off point be 2016’s breakthrough art rock of Teens of Denial? Do you take a step back and tackle their Matador debut Teens of Style? Or does completionism demand a complete tour of the roughly a dozen albums Will Toledo recorded in hisContinue reading “Car Seat Headrest at ABC, 18/5/18”

Premiere: Peter Cat – ‘Hand Through Hair’

Yesterday we gave the first share to the brand new Peter Cat video for ‘Hand Through Hair’, here’s a little something the man behind the band had to say about it: “To paraphrase Liz Lemon, we’ve been workin’ on our night cheese. “Our new single ‘Hand Through Hair’ is a cocksure cocktail of fuzzed-out guitarsContinue reading “Premiere: Peter Cat – ‘Hand Through Hair’”

Stag & Dagger Festival 2018

Stag & Dagger has been around for almost a full decade, originating in hipster central AKA London’s Shoreditch, which houses many new creatives and upcoming musicians. The festival had only one year under its fledgling belt before bequeathing Sauchiehall Street as its sister location in early 2009. Since then the mini-festival has grown in sizeContinue reading “Stag & Dagger Festival 2018”

Kamasi Washington at QMU, 5/5/18

Ever since his breakout success with 2015’s The Epic Kamasi Washington has in some regards become the de facto poster boy for modern jazz in the mainstream conscious. That’s largely because his work with Kendrick Lamar and his Brainfeeder label mates Flying Lotus and Thundercat (all of whom have a significant cross-over appeal of their own) but itContinue reading “Kamasi Washington at QMU, 5/5/18”