LOVE SICK – ‘Hope’ [B3SCI]

‘Hope’ is the second song to be released by Glasgow based duo LOVE SICK and, with sincere vocals and powerful instrumental, it is a beautifully constructed song with indie and electro elements to it. Julie’s voice is stunningly pure with a lovely sense of melody, both powerful but delicate when necessary. With limited instrumentation ‘Hope’Continue reading “LOVE SICK – ‘Hope’ [B3SCI]”

Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]

Throughout her career thus far, Anna Meredith’s virtuoso talents translate into heady reinventions over safe continuity, and it’s safe to say that any sense of predictability is blitzed by avalanche tracks like her latest Adult Swim release, ‘Calion’. Bounding along meteorological shifts in percussion, ‘Calion’ is an exhilarating journey through darkling arpeggios rising to maelstromsContinue reading “Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]”

100 Fables – ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’

With radio air play and superlatives flashing in all directions at the rebellious and exciting new indie electro punk darlings 100 Fables it is clear to see why the young Glasgow quartet has been receiving so much flushing adulation, which has extended way past the local scene and into a national stratosphere. Having already laid wasteContinue reading “100 Fables – ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’”

Lux Anima – ‘Riverslides’ [ft. Emma Gillespie]

‘Riverslides’ acts as the debut release by Lux Anima, in what settles perfectly in the wake of earlier iterations of bands that have come before with what I can only describe as neo-lounge. With a familiar energy, in the same field as the likes of Chet Faker, Ecuador and Zero 7, this lush and warmContinue reading “Lux Anima – ‘Riverslides’ [ft. Emma Gillespie]”

Walt Disco – ‘Dream Girl #2’ [Public]

Dandified and transfixing, the jangly guitars and galvanising 1980s sound of Glasgow outfit Walt Disco are a welcome ragtime appearance on the Scottish music scene. New single ‘Dream Girl #2’ is a romantic cadence to androgyny itself, if not a specific person at its core. Even its title leans away from the traditional idyllic first-choice loveContinue reading “Walt Disco – ‘Dream Girl #2’ [Public]”

Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile]

‘Take Your Name’ is the latest single to be announced from Martha Ffion’s debut LP, Sunday Best. Beautifully triggered and charmingly executed, capturing a nostalgic and freeing sense of melody – this skilfully catchy track is the epitome of excellence. A silky-smooth vocal, weaving flawlessly throughout the track – the thin and airy guitars provide depth alongside a gracefully producedContinue reading “Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile]”

LYLO – Post Era [El Rancho]

I’ve been at many a party recently where all fuzzy 4am talk slips into the question of musical era. It’s been a decade since nu-rave, a decade and more since the thrashing comeback of guitar-led indie; in 2018, there’s a pervasive awareness of how revivalist waves have crashed into a heady blitz of cultural pasticheContinue reading “LYLO – Post Era [El Rancho]”

Inkfields – Beneath The Waves

Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Sam James-Griffiths, aka Inkfields, has released a melodic and tranquil album in Beneath The Waves, which reflects the journey Griffiths has taken over the past few years; in 2015 he decided to quit his employment to focus on becoming a full-time artist however this process was not short of difficulties. That said, GriffithsContinue reading “Inkfields – Beneath The Waves”

The Spook School – ‘Body’ [Alcopop]

The Spook School is a fun/lively Glasgow indie/punk band who sing of gender identity, sexuality and mental health in a positive an optimistic manner. ‘Body’ is the latest track from their third album, Could It Be Different?, and continues their theme of discussing important issues and finding positivity in the face of adversity. This time theContinue reading “The Spook School – ‘Body’ [Alcopop]”

Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’

‘Lights In The Dark’ is the first single to be released from singer-songwriter Carla J. Easton(also known for her work in TeenCanteen), with her solo album due to land later this year. This song highlights the beautiful tones Easton has to her voice; there is something quirky and unique about her vocals that make herContinue reading “Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’”