The Magic Gang, Our Girl, Boy Azooga at Tut’s, 25/3/18

I should have known when I arrived on St. Vincent Street and saw the long queue formed outside that tonight’s sold our gig at Tut’s would be something special. We were here for the self-titled debut album launch from Brighton’s The Magic Gang. After a long hard winter this gig heralded in British Summer TimeContinue reading “The Magic Gang, Our Girl, Boy Azooga at Tut’s, 25/3/18”

Young Fathers at Barrowlands, 24/3/18

Hailing from Edinburgh, Young Fathers have made a name for themselves as something of a sharp implement tracing similar lines laid out by electronic stalwarts Massive Attack and Maya Jane Coles. Having recently provided six tracks in total for the recent Danny Boyle sequel, Trainspotting 2, including a track specifically written for the film, YoungContinue reading “Young Fathers at Barrowlands, 24/3/18”

Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18

Tonight looks a fantastic evening filled with lots of great new up and coming bands, both the bar and the venue spaces of King Tut’s are used all night to bring the audience eight bands in total. Kicking off the night is Herbert Powell with punchy songs and big guitar sounds; the audience start toContinue reading “Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18”

Field Music at Saint Lukes, 17/3/18

“I’m the mini beast from the North East” jokes frontman Peter Brewis to a packed-out Saint Luke’s, it might be snowing outside but a faithful crowd have gathered diligently in front the alter (literally) to witness their idols. With seven studio albums under their belt and a back catalogue that dates to early 2000, FieldContinue reading “Field Music at Saint Lukes, 17/3/18”

Pelts, Mitchell Museum, Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross at The Glad Café, 23/2/18

All six members of alternative rockers Pelts are pressed together a little snugly on the Glad’s modestly sized stage, giving the impression of a slightly awkward family photograph. This evening, they launch their new double A-side single, ‘The Tingles/Less Than Three’. Their full lineup – drums, bass, synthesisers, two (sometimes three) guitars, and two lead vocalsContinue reading “Pelts, Mitchell Museum, Kevin P. Gilday & The Glasgow Cross at The Glad Café, 23/2/18”

A Certain Ratio at Stereo, 17/2/18

A bitterly cold night in Glasgow begins with a lively fellow looking trashed but enthusisastic… and carries on in much the same vein. “Have I done something to you, mate? What’s the matter with you? I’m only singing the blues, man, nothing wrong with that“. Indeed there isn’t: he may be sorely underdressed for theContinue reading “A Certain Ratio at Stereo, 17/2/18”

Club Decode presents Pink with Moonlight Zoo, Sahara, Real Life Entertainment at Sleazy’s, 15/3/18

Sauntering into the bowels of Nice n Sleazy the venue is decorated appropriately in pink, with the theme of blown up flamingos and balloons to make you feel like you are at a party rather than a live show. Clever and organised individuals will jump at the opportunity to go to both shows for aContinue reading “Club Decode presents Pink with Moonlight Zoo, Sahara, Real Life Entertainment at Sleazy’s, 15/3/18”

Sean Nicholas Savage, Kelora at Glad Café, 7/3/18

Support band Kelora are creepily atmospheric, playing gothic lullabies at a somnambulant pace. A repetitive drum machine ticks along like leaden footsteps up an old wooden staircase, their doomy songs wrapped in a thick fog of synthesizer and reverbed guitar. The venue staff at the Glad appear to be under strict instruction to keep theContinue reading “Sean Nicholas Savage, Kelora at Glad Café, 7/3/18”

Fieldhead, Kinbrae at Glad Café 25/2/18

The cosy, chai-wafting interiors of the Glad Café are just what’s needed on one of the coldest days of the year so far, but tonight’s gig isn’t here to offer comfort so much as recalibrate your sense of time, space and perception. First to the stage are brothers Andy and Mike Truscott of Kinbrae, whoContinue reading “Fieldhead, Kinbrae at Glad Café 25/2/18”

NIEVES (album launch), The Youth and Young at The Hug and Pint, 24/2/18

Folk rock band The Youth and Young put a lot of energy and emotion in to their performance. Supporting NIEVES at The Hug and Pint for their debut album launch they are all about big voices and harmonies. Tightly packed on the stage singing songs of relationships, passion and feelings their intensity was infectious; TheContinue reading “NIEVES (album launch), The Youth and Young at The Hug and Pint, 24/2/18”