Adam Stafford – Torments Through Supernatural Flogging

Adam Stafford presents some highly unusual, hypnogogic trance inducing noise music with the aptly named EP, Torments Through Supernatural Flogging. It is weird and unsettling and wouldn’t feel out of place scoring a drug induced dream sequence in a Darren Aronofsky film. ‘Dear Bill Gates, Will I be Executed’ brings together a seemingly unending supplyContinue reading “Adam Stafford – Torments Through Supernatural Flogging”

Adam Stafford – Reverse Drift [Gerry Loves]

Reading about and exploring some of the work of Adam Stafford, it is immediately apparent that the individual is a highly creative and collaborative individual with a number of distinct but intersecting skills – a true multimedia man. Reverse Drift is the latest project to be affiliated with Adam Stafford, and is – in effectContinue reading “Adam Stafford – Reverse Drift [Gerry Loves]”

PAWS (album launch), The Spook School, Adam Stafford at Stereo, 25/6/16

Adam Stafford opens the night with an intense set of long repetitive soundscapes, using looped riffs to create atmospheric noise between prog-rock and post-punk. The crowd maintains a subdued vibe for the first half of the show, with a solitary Saltire hanging in the sound booth in the middle of the room, the one clueContinue reading “PAWS (album launch), The Spook School, Adam Stafford at Stereo, 25/6/16”

Adam Stafford (album launch) at Hug and Pint, 20/3/16

A lesson learned; let tonsillitis strike no man down. Our troubadour is thus afflicted from a trip to the frozen north the night before. but delivers a virus-defying and deeply impressive set to mark the release of Taser Revelations on Song, By Toad Records. It may not be a revelation in itself – it merelyContinue reading “Adam Stafford (album launch) at Hug and Pint, 20/3/16”

Adam Stafford – Interview and Taser Revelation [Song, By Toad]

“Run down, boring and violent. In fact it’s got nothing going for it at all”. So said Arab Strap about the hometown they shared with Adam Stafford causing much furore across local media and amongst municipal politicians. Marvellous though that was, even if true, Falkirk has surely earned some redemption with the forthcoming album releaseContinue reading “Adam Stafford – Interview and Taser Revelation [Song, By Toad]”

Tracks of 2015 (20-11)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 20 Tuff Love – Duke [Lost Map] Eerie harmonic vocals combine with jangling rhythmic guitar to produce elusive lo-fi sounds in ‘Duke’, arguably the pick of the tracks featured on two wondrous EPs fro Tuff Love in 2015. The lyrics are meshed in amongst distorted melodies, the chorus isContinue reading “Tracks of 2015 (20-11)”

Various Artists – Bloc+ Compilation #1 [Bloc+]

Bar Bloc have released the first of four free compilation albums via their Bloc+ label featuring a showcase of innovative artists. The compilation was born from the venues commitment to nurturing up and coming bands that are struggling to get their music out there due to the pressures of the industry. The bar runs anContinue reading “Various Artists – Bloc+ Compilation #1 [Bloc+]”

Eastern Promise returns to Platform

Eastern Promise, the two day festival of music from Scotland and beyond, returns to Platform this October. Previous years have seen performances from King Creosote, The Pastels, To Rococo Rot, Nils Frahm, Lightships and The Monochrome Set to name a few and this year there’s yet another brilliant line up including The Vaselines, Josef VanContinue reading “Eastern Promise returns to Platform”