Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]

Throughout her career thus far, Anna Meredith’s virtuoso talents translate into heady reinventions over safe continuity, and it’s safe to say that any sense of predictability is blitzed by avalanche tracks like her latest Adult Swim release, ‘Calion’. Bounding along meteorological shifts in percussion, ‘Calion’ is an exhilarating journey through darkling arpeggios rising to maelstromsContinue reading “Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]”

Electric Fields, Day 1, 1/9/17

Another year and another weekend at Electric Fields probably the best outdoor festival in Scotland just now and we definitely have the weather for it; I have the privilege of my own bed each night so don’t witness the late nights and early mornings, but for all the time the main arena is open notContinue reading “Electric Fields, Day 1, 1/9/17”

Anna Meredith at The Hug and Pint, 17/5/16

The bombastic synth brass and (real) tuba of Anna Meredith’s opening number, ‘Nautilus’, feels weirdly outsized in the cosy basement of The Hug and Pint. In the past, the song has been borrowed by Foals as the intro for stadium gigs, and Meredith herself is no stranger to much larger concert halls, as the formerContinue reading “Anna Meredith at The Hug and Pint, 17/5/16”