Albums of 2015 (20-11)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & EPs 20 December ’91 – Quebec [Gold Mold] Probably the only album to make this year’s lists recorded on a mobile phone, Quebec showcases both December ’91’s musicianship and originality. Raw, simple but excellently put together December 91’s music clearly serves as an outlet for his emotions as it touches onContinue reading “Albums of 2015 (20-11)”

Antique Pony – Unalbum

This is the album of the year: there, I’ve said it. Completely unique and utterly, strangely, bewitchingly triumphant…probably. I say probably as proceedings are so anarchic at times that, whilst I remain convinced it is indeed album of the year, the odd moment of aural confusion suggests it may actually be the worst effort soContinue reading “Antique Pony – Unalbum”

Shady Lane Studio Launch and Limited Edition Sampler

Shady Lane is a new home studio based in Erskine, the studio is ran by young producer, engineer, songwriter, musician and occasional Rave Child review writer, Chris McCrory. Chris is more commonly known as the drummer from Scot’s rockers, Casual Sex but when he’s not behind a drum kit, he’s behind a mixing desk. ShadyContinue reading “Shady Lane Studio Launch and Limited Edition Sampler”