Asian Babes/Future Glue – SexXx Tape [Fuzzkill]

At first glance this split tape between Asian Babes and Future Glue might seem a little bare, clocking in at just under 13 minutes, however track length is obviously not the main selling point here. In typical Asian Babes fashion most of the tracks are short infectious punk blasts, on this tape however they seemContinue reading “Asian Babes/Future Glue – SexXx Tape [Fuzzkill]”

Label Focus: Fuzzkill Records

Label Focus is a new feature on Rave Child where we plan to run regular articles highlighting those hard working folk that put out some of the best music in Scotland. For the first edition we didn’t look further than fuzzy lo-fi fans Fuzzkill Records, who have had us hooked since their first release lessContinue reading “Label Focus: Fuzzkill Records”

Shady Lane Studio Launch and Limited Edition Sampler

Shady Lane is a new home studio based in Erskine, the studio is ran by young producer, engineer, songwriter, musician and occasional Rave Child review writer, Chris McCrory. Chris is more commonly known as the drummer from Scot’s rockers, Casual Sex but when he’s not behind a drum kit, he’s behind a mixing desk. ShadyContinue reading “Shady Lane Studio Launch and Limited Edition Sampler”

Casual Sex, Asian Babes, Tuff Love at Mono, 4/3/14

If ever there was a line up of unGoogleable bands then tonight is it, fire “Casual Sex, Asian Babes” into any search engine then you will find out about this show but don’t click on ‘images’ or ‘videos’ unless you fancy a wee shock – but let’s shirk that ground now and it’s been doneContinue reading “Casual Sex, Asian Babes, Tuff Love at Mono, 4/3/14”