BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Halfrican at Saint Luke’s, 9/10/15

Newly opened St. Luke’s in Glasgow’s east end has almost instantly become one of the most popular venues in the city right now. Tonight it hosts the long awaited home city headline for BABY STRANGE and a considerable amount of people have turned up for the first support and after some great tunes, matching t-shirtContinue reading “BABY STRANGE, The Lapelles, Halfrican at Saint Luke’s, 9/10/15”

Bo Ningen, PAWS, BABY STRANGE at The Record Factory, 30/8/15

The crowd in The Record Factory are in high spirits for a Sabbath evening, with a jovial 50th birthday party at one end of the long bar and free Sailor Jerry’s tokens being handed out on the way in. The gig starts out with a local feel, with BABY STRANGE warming up followed by PAWS.Continue reading “Bo Ningen, PAWS, BABY STRANGE at The Record Factory, 30/8/15”

BABY STRANGE, Dolomite Minor, Psychic Soviets at CCA, 3/2/15

CCA gigs are always vaguely reminiscent of high school discos, where the crash mats and badminton nets have been stashed under the stage, and the bar is down the hall past the principal’s office, should you require a Coke to dilute your cheeky half bottle: here’s hoping I avoid the slow dance rejection and potentialContinue reading “BABY STRANGE, Dolomite Minor, Psychic Soviets at CCA, 3/2/15”

BABY STRANGE, Future Glue at Stereo, 6/6/14

There’s a lot of hype surrounding BABY STRANGE’s Glasgow gig on their first headline tour, and the excitement can be felt as soon as you step in to Stereo with the eerie bustle around the venue, with great anticipation for the headline act. The main support, Future Glue, a self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic, rockabilly, punk rock jukebox’Continue reading “BABY STRANGE, Future Glue at Stereo, 6/6/14”

Radio 1 Big Weekend at Glasgow Green, 25/5/14

So we’re right back at it for day two of the big BBC Radio 1 Weekender in Glasgow Green, but with one important alteration – yep, the rain has decided to rear its ugly head – thankfully us Glaswegians are used to this sort of chat in the summer months, so if anything, it shouldContinue reading “Radio 1 Big Weekend at Glasgow Green, 25/5/14”