Bad Breeding at The Hug and Pint, 15/10/16

Since impressing their small audience at Stag and Dagger earlier in the year, Stevenage’s Bad Breeding have gone from strength to strength, since releasing their debut self-titled album independently to a wave of high praise and plaudits. Not that this post-punk four-piece really care what you think, of course. Bad Breeding are an exciting prospect,Continue reading “Bad Breeding at The Hug and Pint, 15/10/16”

Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16

Over the years, Stag and Dagger has become one of the primary fixtures in the musical calendar in Glasgow. While this year’s line-up isn’t the most eye-catching in the festival’s history, part of the festival’s fun in years gone by has been discovering young talent, and this year’s event doesn’t disappoint. Kicking off the NiceContinue reading “Stag and Dagger (Part One), 1/5/16”