Scottish Fiction presents Beerjacket, Bella and the Bear at The Hug and Pint, 13/12/16

It’s a well-humoured night with a great line up organised by Scottish Fiction at The Hug and Pint as Bella and the Bear take to the stage for their last gig of 2016 following a second successful EP release earlier this April. Comprised of Lauren Gilmour on keyboard and Stuart Ramage on guitar with bothContinue reading “Scottish Fiction presents Beerjacket, Bella and the Bear at The Hug and Pint, 13/12/16”

Ones to look out for at Electric Fields 2016

Electric Fields might well be the most exciting festival north of the border this year, with a line up that draws huge talent from both the local pool and further afield and without compromising in talent have drawn together the most attractive line up we’ve seen in a while. Last year Electric Fields was aContinue reading “Ones to look out for at Electric Fields 2016”

Stag and Dagger (Part Two), 1/5/16

In the previous coverage of Stag and Dagger our reviewer, Adam Turner-Heffer, spoke of the fun of people’s entirely different experiences of the festival. Intriguingly enough mine and Adam’s days overlap in only two places, one being rejecting the daunting queue for We Were Promised Jetpacks and the other being the early in the dayContinue reading “Stag and Dagger (Part Two), 1/5/16”

Bella and the Bear – ‘Still Cold’ [Black Sheep]

Building on 2015’s astounding success and multitude of much-deserved accolades, Bella and the Bear once again deliver in spectacular fashion with powerful new single ‘Still Cold’. Accolades aside, anyone familiar with Bella and the Bear will already know of their captivating, unconventional harmonies and insightful yet bare-to-the-bone lyrics – the complementary, additive marriage of theseContinue reading “Bella and the Bear – ‘Still Cold’ [Black Sheep]”

EPs of 2015 (10-1)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & albums 10 Turtle – Push Jon Cooper aka Turtle’s EP Push is titled as ambiguously as the music that inhabits it. It’s clean, but somehow gritty, it’s beautifully mixed and it happens to be just a great show on how to write ambient electronic music. ‘The River’ sounds like it shouldContinue reading “EPs of 2015 (10-1)”

Bella and the Bear – A Girl Called Bella

A Girl Called Bella is the second official EP from Ayr-based duo, Bella and the Bear. Having played at numerous festivals throughout Scotland, Bella and the Bear have returned to their newest EP with a fresh outlook and a compelling sound. Their traditional acoustic sound offers immensely intricate and beautiful lyrics paired with engaging rhythmicContinue reading “Bella and the Bear – A Girl Called Bella”

Bella and the Bear, Stanley Odd at CCA, 2/10/15

Their first EP proved to be a splendid mix of soul that gained much acclaim earlier this year; after a summer of memorable performances and a SAMAs best newcomer’s nomination (which they have since won) under their belt Lauren Gilmore and Stuart Ramage take on Bella and the Bear’s next chapter with new EP AContinue reading “Bella and the Bear, Stanley Odd at CCA, 2/10/15”

Hector Bizerk, Pronto Mama, Bella and the Bear at Tut’s, 6/6/15

For reasons that more or less amount to me not being competent enough to find a working cash machine near King Tut’s, I miss a lot of Bella and The Bear’s opening set, but it’s clear when I eventually arrive at the venue that the already bustling crowd adore what they’re being treated to: anContinue reading “Hector Bizerk, Pronto Mama, Bella and the Bear at Tut’s, 6/6/15”