EPs of 2014

18 Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy With Remedy & Therapy, Mutch has managed to present us with five remarkable tracks well worth spilling out of any speaker or set of headphones over the winter period and we’d be fools not to oblige. [review] 18 So Many Animal Calls – Burden [Bloc+] So Many AnimalContinue reading “EPs of 2014”

Bellow Below – Big Whoop [Good Grief]

Following the apparent demise of Overlook Records, home of their 2012 EP Hooks, Bellow Below have finally returned with a follow-up EP in the form of Big Whoop, released through the similarly Glasgow-based Good Grief Records. Harnessing the same veins of mathematical guitars and wispy vocals, the overall vibe is considerably more ambient and peaceful,Continue reading “Bellow Below – Big Whoop [Good Grief]”