Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017

In a chaotic affair we ending out not having any reviewers up at Belladrum this year, but we felt we’d be missing out if we called a halt on our photographers Allan Lewis and Stewart Fullerton going, so up they went and they got some great shots. Here’s some of the picks that we thoughtContinue reading “Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017”

Birdy at Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 29/10/16

Across the stony walls of Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange mystic lights bounce to the warping sound of chimes and from a dangling forest of white cloth, Birdy bashfully emerges just like a nymph. Infused with oriental licks Birdy opens the show with ‘Growing Pains’, an energetic number that infuses well with her classical style. One, whichContinue reading “Birdy at Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, 29/10/16”