Blanck Mass, Iona Fortune at CCA, 21/4/17

For anyone fresh to the Blanck Mass live experience and unsure of what to expect from tonight’s performance, one thing should be blatantly clear from the signage placed throughout the CCA: “TONIGHT’S GIG WILL BE EXTREMELY LOUD – EARPLUGS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR” If there isn’t a weight of expectation from the crowd tonightContinue reading “Blanck Mass, Iona Fortune at CCA, 21/4/17”

Doune the Rabbit Hole, 19-21/8/16

Doune the Rabbit Hole is now been pretty high our list of summer events, the family friendly vibe, typically diverse and entertaining line up and an array of delightful food, plus the influx of dogs make it one of the most delightful festivals of the summer. Sadly my experience this year is smattered with illnessContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, 19-21/8/16”

Blanck Mass, Apostille at Stereo, 11/12/15

Questions about Fuck Buttons future may have been raised when a few years back Benjamin John Power took on the Blanck Mass moniker and began gigging and recording minus his Worcester buddy Andrew Hung. Thankfully though it would appear Blanck Mass is simply another outlet for Power, which serves to act as a supplementary branch of the duo as opposed toContinue reading “Blanck Mass, Apostille at Stereo, 11/12/15”