Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’

‘Lights In The Dark’ is the first single to be released from singer-songwriter Carla J. Easton(also known for her work in TeenCanteen), with her solo album due to land later this year. This song highlights the beautiful tones Easton has to her voice; there is something quirky and unique about her vocals that make herContinue reading “Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’”

Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17

Arriving on site again to find the sun out again is a glorious sight and we’re just on time for the Vitamin C hit that is Sacred Paws; the duo are so infectious and likeable, their chirpy harmonies and Rachel Aggs’ signature tropical guitar style just feels like it’s good for you. Whimsically dancey, likeContinue reading “Electric Fields, Day 2, 2/9/17”