Primavera Sound 2015 (Thursday)

Thursday brought a new experience at the festival, for myself anyway, a trip to the Heineken Hidden Stage; it’s nicely set up in a sort of car park area behind the Pitchfork Stage and over the course of the weekend would play host to Scottish favourite The Pastels and The Vaselines, both of whom IContinue reading “Primavera Sound 2015 (Thursday)”


Chet Faker at O2 ABC Glasgow, 9/6/15

It’s been just over a year since Chet Faker (real name Nicholas Murphy) played Glasgow for the first time, in Broadcast’s lovely basement. A friend who was in attendance recounted to me disappointment at the fact that an accompanying band didn’t join him and felt overall that it wasn’t very interesting, so although I reallyContinue reading “Chet Faker at O2 ABC Glasgow, 9/6/15”

Chet Faker at Broadcast, 23/4/14

Tonight at Broadcast is Australian Chet Faker’s second gig on his current album tour, and his first time ever in Glasgow, something he is as excited about, as is the crowd. Faker makes a very modest entrance to the stage, and opens with the short but sweet ‘Archangel’, the haunting lyrics holding the crowd mesmerisedContinue reading “Chet Faker at Broadcast, 23/4/14”