Vinegar, Chrissy Barnacle, SLONK at 13th Note, 26/10/17

There aren’t many people around when I arrive, most people are sitting by what I’m given to understand is the printmaking workshop. I get a drink and take the last seat at the table. Something like a printmaking station is a really nice thing to have at a gig. It’s easier to get talking overContinue reading “Vinegar, Chrissy Barnacle, SLONK at 13th Note, 26/10/17”

Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 2, 19/8/17

Day two of Doune I start off early and surprising chirper, after a cup of Yogi chai from the Tchai Ovna tent and a haggis roll sort be right out. So, well prepared I make the journey down the treacherous path down to the Thunderdome stage in plenty of time to catch an otherworldly setContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 2, 19/8/17”

Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Saturday)

With Doune the Rabbit Hole coming up next weekend we thought we’d give you a run down of some of the acts to check out, problem was we felt the line up so strong that we couldn’t limit it down to a certain number, here’s a wee day by day effort to keep you occupied:Continue reading “Preview: Doune The Rabbit Hole (Saturday)”

Jason Riddell, Lefthand, Grand Pricks, Chrissy Barnacle at The Hug and Pint, 12/2/17

The Hug and Pint hosts an eclectic range of artists on Sunday night, kicking off with the incomparable Chrissy Barnacle. Even later than the last time I saw her live – and this time with a hangover – Barnacle impresses again with her remarkable consistency and profound originality. The last Barnacle gig I was atContinue reading “Jason Riddell, Lefthand, Grand Pricks, Chrissy Barnacle at The Hug and Pint, 12/2/17”

Sulka, Chrissy Barnacle, Pillow Talk at West Princes Street, 28/1/17

This is the type of gig that you want to find yourself at: free, bring your own booze, smoke indoors, stay as long as you want and listen to some great live music; truly, this is a gig to remember. First up are Pillow Talk, playing out of the very room where the singer ordinarilyContinue reading “Sulka, Chrissy Barnacle, Pillow Talk at West Princes Street, 28/1/17”

Chrissy Barnacle, Moonish Brute, Cop Graveyard at Transmission, 10/1/17

This is an exciting gig for three reasons, it’s free, it’s bring-your-own-bottle and Chrissy Barnacle is playing, I doubt I shall ever willingly pass up a chance to see her play. A quiet gig with about twenty people, standing or sitting in the ill-defined space around the performance area, which is dimly illuminated by fairyContinue reading “Chrissy Barnacle, Moonish Brute, Cop Graveyard at Transmission, 10/1/17”

Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, 25-26/11/16

Tolbooth’s Strange Behaviours has two-day festival returns to Stirling for a third triumphant year. With 18 acts to choose from, the event is a musical smorgasbord with a genre to please even the pickiest of music fans. Living up to the events name, this year’s chosen aesthetics are just that – strange; broken and decoratedContinue reading “Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, 25-26/11/16”

XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 9/6/16

The showcases for day two start once again in the Ironworks and this time the free drinks are coupled with music; firstly The Pictish Trail and as Johnny Lynch enters the stage air boxing you know you’re in for a treat. This is first time I’ve managed to witness Johnny Lynch playing in a nonContinue reading “XpoNorth Showcases, Inverness, 9/6/16”

Skinny Dipper, Call To Mind, Chrissy Barnacle at Stereo, 12/9/14

Almost an all girl band (bar the male drummer), tonight Skinny Dipper play Stereo to launch their debut EP Masks . First support act Chrissy Barnacle takes the stage to sing her strangely compelling self penned songs while strumming beautifully on a classical guitar, her songs tell bizarre tales of skeletons in love and ofContinue reading “Skinny Dipper, Call To Mind, Chrissy Barnacle at Stereo, 12/9/14”