Ded Rabbit – ‘Moonlight Horror’

Edinburgh based brothers Ded Rabbitis an indie pop punk band who seem to fuse the best of rock n roll with their own energetic vibes and a definite hint of the 1960s. Following the success of ‘Pressure Pusher’ the guys follow up with ‘Moonlight Horror’, with its quirky chorus it’s slower and more relaxed thanContinue reading “Ded Rabbit – ‘Moonlight Horror’”

Ded Rabbit – ‘Figurine’ [Ded Rabbit]

Edinburgh-based Ded Rabbit (four brothers, originally from Yorkshire) make the kind of alt-rock indie that feels head-bangingly jagged, but also throws out enough tight rhythms to provide groundwork for a vigorous live show. Latest single ‘Figurine’ opens with a crunchy lick and the quick appearance of a throbbing bass and crashing drums. It’s a sharp,Continue reading “Ded Rabbit – ‘Figurine’ [Ded Rabbit]”

Ded Rabbit – ‘Only Dating / Never Gonna Learn’ [Ded Rabbit]

Ded Rabbit release two personality packed tracks ‘Only Dating / Never Gonna Learn’ on a double A side single. The brothers have been gathering momentum over the years with a recent tour around the UK and from all the doorsteps passed they have been collecting praise like milk bottles. ‘Only Dating’ was inspired by TheContinue reading “Ded Rabbit – ‘Only Dating / Never Gonna Learn’ [Ded Rabbit]”

FCK YES with Bwani Junction, Ded Rabbit, Lewis Capaldi at Tut’s, 14/10/15

FCK YES is a new Glasgow based promotion group who have recently begun presenting a monthly gig with King Tut’s as the host, this evening the three acts being showcased are Bwani Junction, Ded Rabbit and Lewis Capaldi. Capaldi sidles on stage to face a room where any substantial numbers are yet to warm theContinue reading “FCK YES with Bwani Junction, Ded Rabbit, Lewis Capaldi at Tut’s, 14/10/15”

Ded Rabbit – Moving In Slow Motion [Ded Rabbit]

With their third self-released EP of the year, Ded Rabbit has been busy bees in 2015; their perky indie pop songs are not exactly sophisticated, but there’s a winning melodic simplicity to the likes of ‘Scarlett Cardigan’ and the title track. With the energy of The Strokes and the familial spirit of Drenge, Moving inContinue reading “Ded Rabbit – Moving In Slow Motion [Ded Rabbit]”

Ded Rabbit, FOREIGNFOX, Charly Houston at Broadcast, 3/7/15

After spending a day outside enjoying a rare but glorious Scottish summer day I was looking forward to finishing it off with a gig at one of my favourite pubs – Broadcast. Making my way downstairs to Broadcast’s basement venue I’m surprised how quiet the room is as Charly Houston takes the stage. Houston isContinue reading “Ded Rabbit, FOREIGNFOX, Charly Houston at Broadcast, 3/7/15”