Doune The Rabbit Hole, 21/8/15

Work commitments cause us to miss the start of this year at Doune, with things kicking off at around 4pm on the Friday and us unable to get up and set up until around three hours later; this means unfortunately we miss the ever entertaining Stanley Odd, who no doubt set proceedings off with aContinue reading “Doune The Rabbit Hole, 21/8/15”

Deerhoof, COWTOWN at Stereo, 24/5/14

You’d think seeing a band for the first time some 20 years after they began recording might be a simple tick off the list effort, that after such a length of time a band may pass their peak in terms of material and start to be running dry; this is not the case for tonightContinue reading “Deerhoof, COWTOWN at Stereo, 24/5/14”