West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 19/6/16

So it’s another dad day and another all dayer at Oran Mor as part of the West End Festival, and while the line up today may not be quite as dad friendly as last year’s fare there is a host of local talent at various stages of their musical development on offer. Arriving early weContinue reading “West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 19/6/16”

Albums of 2015 (10-1)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & EPs 10 Hector Bizerk – The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry If there is one thing Hector Bizerk are always on hand to offer, it is something new and for the Glasgow hip-hop act it perhaps doesn’t get more boundary-pushing than writing the soundtrack for Crazy Jane, a play about a 19th-centuryContinue reading “Albums of 2015 (10-1)”

Round-Up: Errors, BBC at the Quay, Ariana Grande, Lovers Turn To Monsters

So, in a bit of a trip from the usual review filled generalities I decided I would put up a bit of round up post Primavera of my musical adventures, of which there have been a few, all coming in a ridiculous haze that hasn’t faded two weeks later (me and Nick are going toContinue reading “Round-Up: Errors, BBC at the Quay, Ariana Grande, Lovers Turn To Monsters”

Errors at The Art School, 11/4/15

Following a recent winter retreat to the Isle of Jura, Errors are back with their new album, Lease of Life. In a recent interview the guys revealed that part of the incentive to go to such a remote area was more than just to have some peace and quiet. The Inner Hebrides historically also housedContinue reading “Errors at The Art School, 11/4/15”

Errors – Lease of Life [Rock Action]

Lease of Life is Errors’ forth album written and recorded in summer 2014 after a year break following Have Some Faith In Magic and Relics, both 2012. It has been noted by a number of other reviewers that the title maybe fitting as the band return from their post 2012 burn out. Yet the humourContinue reading “Errors – Lease of Life [Rock Action]”