Ewan Cruickshanks – ‘Faster Than a Snake’ [Armellodie]

In a mini-EP that’s nearly shorter in total runtime than a lot of songs at just over six minutes, Ewan Cruickshanksmanages to showcase his diversity rather than trying to tell a story in a concept release or present his “sound” in a unilateral fashion. ‘Faster Than a Snake’ is an interesting one thats production feelsContinue reading “Ewan Cruickshanks – ‘Faster Than a Snake’ [Armellodie]”


Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18

Tonight looks a fantastic evening filled with lots of great new up and coming bands, both the bar and the venue spaces of King Tut’s are used all night to bring the audience eight bands in total. Kicking off the night is Herbert Powell with punchy songs and big guitar sounds; the audience start toContinue reading “Catholic Action and Friends Takeover at Tut’s, 24/3/18”