Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 6/8/16

It’s déjà vu on the final day of Belladrum, as I find myself once again in the XpoNorth Seedlings tent at the crack of dawn (in festival terms anyway). This time however it’s with far higher hopes, as Herald Unsigned winners We Came From Wolves are up to kick things off, a band whose moodyContinue reading “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 6/8/16”

Doune The Rabbit Hole, 21/8/15

Work commitments cause us to miss the start of this year at Doune, with things kicking off at around 4pm on the Friday and us unable to get up and set up until around three hours later; this means unfortunately we miss the ever entertaining Stanley Odd, who no doubt set proceedings off with aContinue reading “Doune The Rabbit Hole, 21/8/15”

Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions

Electric Honey is an institution of the Glasgow music scene; founded in 1992 at Glasgow’s Kelvin College it helped launch the careers of bands like Belle and Sebastian and Biffy Clyro. Today’s event was organised by the current Music Business students who are continuing under the Electric Honey name. Today’s lineup reads like a BuzzfeedContinue reading “Magners Summer Nights Electric Honey Sessions”

Fatherson at Tut’s, 19/2/15

Trying to get through the packed crowd in the now 25 year old King Tut’s to find a decent spot is proving problematic, but we manage to get a good view just behind the mixing desk, as frontman Ross Leighton takes the stage and begins the set the way their debut album begins, with ‘AnContinue reading “Fatherson at Tut’s, 19/2/15”

Album of 2014

17 Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common] A combination of two endearing singer-songwriters, brought together under the umbrella of Common Records in the dismal Glaswegian rain, resulting in an equally endearing collection of tracks. Taking a song each throughout the track listing, the single ‘Juan Antonio’ is a standoutContinue reading “Album of 2014”

We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fatherson at QMU, 13/12/14

There is an omnipresent feeling of excitement clamouring around the Queens Margaret Union tonight, where once lay a hot dog stand in the foyer currently features We Were Promised Jetpacks fans chatting about the rise and rise of the hometown heroes who in just a few hours will blow the roof right off of theContinue reading “We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fatherson at QMU, 13/12/14”

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 8/8/14

Belladrum Tartan Heart is truly a family friendly festival, when most festivals advertise as such what they really mean is “if you can’t find a babysitter you can drag ‘em here and we can definitely maybe pretty much guarantee there’ll be no stabbing”. At Belladrum, the tot to teen ratio is on actually on anContinue reading “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 8/8/14”

Fatherson at The Arches, 26/4/14

Tonight, rising local band turn local heroes after the release of their first studio album I Am An Island, take on the obscure stage of the singular Glaswegian dome-shaped venue for their biggest headline to date. Swarming with a very impatient audience packed like sardines in the venue that for once looks smaller than itContinue reading “Fatherson at The Arches, 26/4/14”