Fear of Men, CHUMP at The Hug and Pint, 5/4/16

CHUMP are so nice. I love CHUMP. Downstairs in the Hug and Pint expectation is not to be captivated by a gig so intimate you really feel it is more of a Saturday afternoon bedroom jam, but some singers really pull you in with their lyrics and easy between-song banter; and I guess lyric subjectContinue reading “Fear of Men, CHUMP at The Hug and Pint, 5/4/16”

Lower Dens, Fear of Men, luciensghost at Tut’s, 27/10/15

Tonight Baltimore’s Lower Dens are in Glasgow, following on neatly from last night’s gig at the ABC, where fellow Baltimore dream-pop act Beach House played. It’s funny to see them in such close proximity; while Beach House’s Victoria Legrand and Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter share similar, androgynous voices and craft echoed, soaring melodies, Legrand takesContinue reading “Lower Dens, Fear of Men, luciensghost at Tut’s, 27/10/15”