Field Music at Saint Lukes, 17/3/18

“I’m the mini beast from the North East” jokes frontman Peter Brewis to a packed-out Saint Luke’s, it might be snowing outside but a faithful crowd have gathered diligently in front the alter (literally) to witness their idols. With seven studio albums under their belt and a back catalogue that dates to early 2000, FieldContinue reading “Field Music at Saint Lukes, 17/3/18”

Field Music at The Art School, 13/3/16

Before Field Music take to the stage, almost the whole of a Talking Heads Best of plays over the speakers. Where the album stops, at Speaking in Tongues’ ‘Slippery People’ – and around 1984 – is perhaps a good starting point for where Field Music begin. Set opener ‘The Noisy Days are Over’ is precise,Continue reading “Field Music at The Art School, 13/3/16”