EPs of 2017 (30-21)

Albums 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 EPs 30-21 – 20-11 – 10-1 30. Polarneck/Grand Pricks – Polarpricks [GoldMold] Grand Pricks’ offer tracks that seem to always be building, replacing toe-tapping with jumping around wanting more, raucous anti-establishment punk which manages to deliver both the simple hook and feel of 80s skater punk, coupled with eloquent, carefully considered lyrics. Polarnecks hit youContinue reading “EPs of 2017 (30-21)”


GoldMold presents Yolo Manolo, Forehead at Bloc, 9/3/17

Another one of GoldMold’s Bloc gigs, this free mid-week matinee hosts yet another set of truly talented and eclectic Glaswegian acts. First to grace the stage – for the very first time, since this is their first gig – is Sean Garrett’s Forehead. Live, Garrett makes use of Cameron Orr on bass and Iain StottContinue reading “GoldMold presents Yolo Manolo, Forehead at Bloc, 9/3/17”

Forehead – Bedroom Tapes [GoldMold]

Sean Garrett’s forehead is an extremely complex and nuanced thing, his solo act Forehead is even more so. A busy man who fronts Forehead and Lovely Ladies – who are due a release soon, Garrett has a number of tricks up his sleeve, not least Bedroom Tapes, the debut EP from Forehead. The opening trackContinue reading “Forehead – Bedroom Tapes [GoldMold]”