Premiere: Foreignfox – ‘Monsoon’

The first times I met Foreignfox’s Jonny Watt were eventful to say the least, but when his band get going they’re quite the outstanding proposition, which is why we’re super happy to premiere their latest single, ‘Monsoon’, released today on Vadana Records. The new single, which has already become a stand out in their dynamic liveContinue reading “Premiere: Foreignfox – ‘Monsoon’”


FOREIGNFOX at Sleazy’s, 8/4/16

Finishing work at 9pm on a Friday night isn’t the greatest and starting at 8.30am the following morning is even worse, but running to Sleazy’s in a last minute attempt to catch one of the best local live bands around at the moment is always an excellent idea. I arrive slightly too late for toContinue reading “FOREIGNFOX at Sleazy’s, 8/4/16”

Tracks of 2015 (30-21)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 30 Washington Irving – We Are All Going To Die [Naked Emperor] As the opening chords of ‘We Are All Going to Die’ begin, it becomes clear why Washington Irving is on the road to success. Written following a period of unrest between the band, ‘We Are All GoingContinue reading “Tracks of 2015 (30-21)”

FOREIGNFOX – ‘Driving Drunk For Christmas’

‘Driving Drunk for Christmas’ is the newest release from Dunfermline four-piece FOREIGNFOX, but despite being a Christmas tune it’s subject matter is pretty sombre. The track explores relationship problems around the holidays and how they can lead to dire consequences, explain in a number of metaphors (“I went to see my baby, she was feelingContinue reading “FOREIGNFOX – ‘Driving Drunk For Christmas’”

Electric Fields, 29/8/15

The journey down to Electric Fields begins post 9am and a ‘Happy Bus’ from Buchanan Bus Station; how anyone can muster up the energy to be “happy” at this time in the morning is beyond me and the atmosphere on the bus is as you’d expect from bed missing music lovers with not to manyContinue reading “Electric Fields, 29/8/15”

Ded Rabbit, FOREIGNFOX, Charly Houston at Broadcast, 3/7/15

After spending a day outside enjoying a rare but glorious Scottish summer day I was looking forward to finishing it off with a gig at one of my favourite pubs – Broadcast. Making my way downstairs to Broadcast’s basement venue I’m surprised how quiet the room is as Charly Houston takes the stage. Houston isContinue reading “Ded Rabbit, FOREIGNFOX, Charly Houston at Broadcast, 3/7/15”

Weekend Wars, FOREIGNFOX, Indigo Velvet, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 9/1/15

Tonight’s New Year’s Revolution gig starts with 90s sounding female-fronted Glaswegian grunge dream The Van T’s. Tut’s is already filling up with people excited for tonight’s amazing line-up of new Scottish talent, but the atmosphere in the venue remains relaxed as the band treat the crowd a number of passionate and heartfelt songs. The vocalsContinue reading “Weekend Wars, FOREIGNFOX, Indigo Velvet, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 9/1/15”

EmuBands Christmas Party with Carnivores, Friends In America, FOREIGNFOX at Flat 0/1, 4/12/14

A Quiet Night In presents EmuBands 1st Annual Christmas Party with Carnivores, Friends In America, FOREIGNFOX at Flat 0/1, 4/12/14 It’s hard to feel in the Christmas sprit when it’s finals week and the Scottish weather is at worse. However, EmuBands have kindly put on a relatively earlier Christmas party with an impressive line-up ofContinue reading “EmuBands Christmas Party with Carnivores, Friends In America, FOREIGNFOX at Flat 0/1, 4/12/14”