T in the Park, Friday, 11/7/14

There’s sweltering sunshine around the now legendary grounds of Balado, and Scotland’s biggest festival is ready to say one big goodbye to the airfield that many have enjoyed the best parties of their lives in for just short of two decades. Yes, T in the Park, whether you personally love it or hate it doesContinue reading “T in the Park, Friday, 11/7/14”

Foxes at Tut’s, 30/5/14

With some fancy lights that spell out “FOXES” – just in case you forgot why you were where you are – the stage is quite literally set for a soaring show of euphoric pop music. Opening with ‘Talking To Ghosts’, Louisa Rose Allen (or Foxes), bounds around with intent and confidence, backed by a three-pieceContinue reading “Foxes at Tut’s, 30/5/14”