Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 2, 19/8/17

Day two of Doune I start off early and surprising chirper, after a cup of Yogi chai from the Tchai Ovna tent and a haggis roll sort be right out. So, well prepared I make the journey down the treacherous path down to the Thunderdome stage in plenty of time to catch an otherworldly setContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 2, 19/8/17”

Celtic Connections: Francois & the Atlas Mountains at The Arches, 30/1/15

Unfortunately proceedings don’t get off to the finest of starts tonight as a glacial paced dinner service in an over booked restaurant means I miss opening act, Kid Canaveral: my subsequent leaving behind of my bag in the taxi doesn’t help my case either. It must be ten minutes until headliners Francois & the AtlasContinue reading “Celtic Connections: Francois & the Atlas Mountains at The Arches, 30/1/15”