Future Islands at Barrowlands, 9/9/15

I have a confession to make… I fell in love with Future Islands in much the same way a majority of their audience did, THAT Letterman performance. I have another confession to make… I liked the album but dismissed them. Don’t judge me, I am admitting to being a cynical man. If it’s one thingContinue reading “Future Islands at Barrowlands, 9/9/15”

Future Islands at O2 ABC Glasgow, 4/11/14

Frontman Samuel Herring races on to the stage barely before the lights are even on and starts calling out to the crowd: “what the fuck’s happening Glasgow?” He seems restless, but that is exactly what the crowd have come here to see and as they begin to cheer and wolf whistle, he continues with “weContinue reading “Future Islands at O2 ABC Glasgow, 4/11/14”

Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 29/5/14

With being a somewhat Primavera veteran, at least compared to my contributors attending the festival this year, I decided to let them take the writing and actually cut loose and enjoy myself, well why change what happens every year – the wear and tear of a 7am finish and the seemingly constant drilling around BarcelonaContinue reading “Primavera Sound, Barcelona, 29/5/14”