Hector Bizerk at The Art School, 14/10/16

It’s hard to put into words what Hector Bizerk have meant to Scottish music, let alone Scottish hip-hop, over the last few years, or at the very least not repeat the haze of kudos the band have been more than deservingly been crowned with. Over the past five or so years the band has grownContinue reading “Hector Bizerk at The Art School, 14/10/16”

Hector Bizerk – The Second City of the Empire

Every now and then a record comes along that makes all the wee hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If after three weeks, and multiple plays, it’s still having the same effect, then you know it’s something a bit fucking special. Hector Bizerk’s latest release, The Second City of the Empire isContinue reading “Hector Bizerk – The Second City of the Empire”

Albums of 2015 (10-1)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & EPs 10 Hector Bizerk – The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry If there is one thing Hector Bizerk are always on hand to offer, it is something new and for the Glasgow hip-hop act it perhaps doesn’t get more boundary-pushing than writing the soundtrack for Crazy Jane, a play about a 19th-centuryContinue reading “Albums of 2015 (10-1)”

EPs of 2015 (10-1)

20-11  –  10-1  –  Tracks & albums 10 Turtle – Push Jon Cooper aka Turtle’s EP Push is titled as ambiguously as the music that inhabits it. It’s clean, but somehow gritty, it’s beautifully mixed and it happens to be just a great show on how to write ambient electronic music. ‘The River’ sounds like it shouldContinue reading “EPs of 2015 (10-1)”

Tracks of 2015 (10-1)

30-21  –  20-11  –  10-1  –  EPs & albums 10 Martha Ffion – No Applause [Lost Map] Offering a sweeter take on 60s rock Martha Ffion has managed to grab a lot of attention this year since we first caught her support Jessica Pratt in April. Blending lo-fi fuzz guitar, sleek vocals and poetic lyricism ‘No Applause’Continue reading “Tracks of 2015 (10-1)”

Scottish Alternative Music Awards at The Garage, 8/10/15

After three successful showcases the sixth SAMAs main event is finally here with a line up full of past winners and current nominees. We Came From Wolves open up the night with a mix of new and old songs from their album and previous EP. As the warm up act for tonight they go downContinue reading “Scottish Alternative Music Awards at The Garage, 8/10/15”

Electric Fields, 29/8/15

The journey down to Electric Fields begins post 9am and a ‘Happy Bus’ from Buchanan Bus Station; how anyone can muster up the energy to be “happy” at this time in the morning is beyond me and the atmosphere on the bus is as you’d expect from bed missing music lovers with not to manyContinue reading “Electric Fields, 29/8/15”

Hector Bizerk – The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry

Hector Bizerk has went from strength to strength in the last year; their unique blend of thought provoking lyrics, interesting percussion and Louie’s acerbic Glaswegian twang make for a very unique listen indeed. The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry is written as a complimentary soundtrack to the play ‘Crazy Jane’, which depicts a harrowing tale ofContinue reading “Hector Bizerk – The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry”

T in the Park 2015 (Friday)

Leaving perhaps too early, in an eager attempt not to miss some of the sparkling bands that are opening stages, we find ourselves at the site a good two hours before anyone is set to take any stage. The drive up is fairly comfortable, taking no longer than a straight 75-minutes, after the daily GreggsContinue reading “T in the Park 2015 (Friday)”

Hector Bizerk, Pronto Mama, Bella and the Bear at Tut’s, 6/6/15

For reasons that more or less amount to me not being competent enough to find a working cash machine near King Tut’s, I miss a lot of Bella and The Bear’s opening set, but it’s clear when I eventually arrive at the venue that the already bustling crowd adore what they’re being treated to: anContinue reading “Hector Bizerk, Pronto Mama, Bella and the Bear at Tut’s, 6/6/15”