Hector Bizerk – The Bell That Never Rang

Hector Bizerk EP The Bell That Never Rang continues the naming theme of their previous EPs, noting objects from the Glasgow coat of arms, and they continue to make tracks that push their sound in new directions. Opener ‘Skin and Bone’ mixes up Greek mythological references, alongside talk of the referendum and “morons in SmartContinue reading “Hector Bizerk – The Bell That Never Rang”

Hector Bizerk (EP launch), Charlotte Brimner at Broadcast, 20/2/15

Despite the biblical cold that I’m afflicted with, it’s hard to not feel good as Broadcast takes on an impressive atmosphere, filling to the rafters with people who are anticipating a reason to jump around. Hector Bizerk are launching the third of a four EP project inspired by the Glasgow crest, The Bell That NeverContinue reading “Hector Bizerk (EP launch), Charlotte Brimner at Broadcast, 20/2/15”

ravechild meets Hector Bizerk’s Audrey Tait

Hector Bizerk has been obscenely productive in the three or so years since they formed, blazing a trail of Scottish hip-hop and now heading over to Texas to play SXSW. Drummer, and one of the two founding members, Audrey Tait, sat and chatted about how she got involved in music and of her band’s currentContinue reading “ravechild meets Hector Bizerk’s Audrey Tait”

EPs of 2014

18 Daniel Mutch – Remedy & Therapy With Remedy & Therapy, Mutch has managed to present us with five remarkable tracks well worth spilling out of any speaker or set of headphones over the winter period and we’d be fools not to oblige. [review] 18 So Many Animal Calls – Burden [Bloc+] So Many AnimalContinue reading “EPs of 2014”

Hector Bizerk – The Bird That Never Flew

Hector Bizerk are taking Scottish rap to the masses, blazing a trail in the wake of Young Fathers the band have been getting recognition up above the underground scene this year, with name-checks in NME and a new management deal. This EP, the second in a series of four, is more experimental-acoustic-spoken-word than any preconceivedContinue reading “Hector Bizerk – The Bird That Never Flew”

Hector Bizerk – The Fish that Never Swam

If you’ve not stumbled across them before, Hector Bizerk is a fiery rap n’ drums duo featuring talented MC Louie and the inimitable Audrey Tait on drums. This new EP is a curious mix of acoustic and electronic elements, once again expanding their sound from the punky sonic minimalism of their debut. Audrey’s powerful swingContinue reading “Hector Bizerk – The Fish that Never Swam”

Public Enemy, Hector Bizerk at ABC, 30/7/14

Public Enemy are pretty iconic, there’s no doubting that, but can they still pull it off live more than 20-years after their last big selling album – the answer is simply yes, but more on that later. As I arrive in the ABC, Glasgow hip-hop duo, turned full band tonight, Hector Bizerk are just polishingContinue reading “Public Enemy, Hector Bizerk at ABC, 30/7/14”

West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 29/7/14

The all dayer at Oran Mor is shaping up to be a highlight of the West End Festival, with 14 acts on three stages in one building the event boasts something for everyone. Starting in the Whiskey Bar Gav Prentice plays a set accompanied by a lone electric guitar, an assortment of drum machines, keyboardsContinue reading “West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor, 29/7/14”

Live review: Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival, 26-29/8/13