Ho99o9 at Stereo, 11/12/2017

Safe to say there is quite the buzz filtrating through the basement of Stereo tonight, shock rap punks Ho99o9 are in town with a full lyrical audio assault. Arriving theatrically in full drag and dresses, the New Jersey duo quickly whip an incredibly raucous Glasgow crowd into shape – almost making us forget it isContinue reading “Ho99o9 at Stereo, 11/12/2017”


Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 3, 20/8/17

During yesterday’s write up I failed to mention that one of my boots struck a leak. so, I spend the early portion of Sunday waiting for Allan, our photographer for the weekend arrival, who is kindly bringing some wellies for me, unfortunately this means missing Ultras, but I do get on site in time catchContinue reading “Doune the Rabbit Hole, Day 3, 20/8/17”