Freakender Day 2, 16/9/17

Kicking off a day sure to be filled with riotous revelry for Freakender day two are local act Kaputt, playing their first ever show, and at six bands in to the weekend we’re seeing a little sax revival as 50% of the acts on offer have contained saxophone thus far, not that we’re complaining. TheContinue reading “Freakender Day 2, 16/9/17”


Earthless, Holy Mountain, Sloth Metropolis at Audio, 25/5/15

Prog lives! A soiree of rock and roll recess – bank holiday, innit – which, whilst admittedly featuring two bands nestling more towards straight up, banging psychedelic rock, definitely features an average song length well surpassing a pithy ten minutes; plus some noodling; plus some trippy reverb (minus the requisite acid-flavoured visuals unfortunately) – thatContinue reading “Earthless, Holy Mountain, Sloth Metropolis at Audio, 25/5/15”

Holy Mountain, Halfrican, Young Philadelphia at Stereo, 18/10/14

Young Philadelphia are 100 riff a minute noise-mathematicians, stitching together all kinds of mismatched tempos, time signatures and dynamic shifts, yet they still know how to lock into a good groove, as songs like ‘LQDBRKFST’ show. Halfrican combine the catchiest 60s garage psych and surf licks with an impressive amount of manic punk intensity, sortContinue reading “Holy Mountain, Halfrican, Young Philadelphia at Stereo, 18/10/14”

The East End Social Presents The Last Big Weekend

The East End Social and Chemikal Underground are delighted to announce an extended line-up for The Last Big Weekend. It will be the culmination of over six months spent enlivening the East End of Glasgow – from community workshops to church performances; from gigs in care-homes to day-long street parties – and a late-summer blow-outContinue reading “The East End Social Presents The Last Big Weekend”