Honeyblood – Babes Never Die [FatCat]

Two years after their self-titled debut album, Glaswegian pair Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myres return with Babes Never Die – an album fuelled by an authoritative female voice and strong musical accompaniment. Honeyblood begin the album with a 42-second ‘Intro’ – where we are introduced to the brash, bold sound which will follow throughout theContinue reading “Honeyblood – Babes Never Die [FatCat]”

Honeyblood at The Hug and Pint, 26/9/16

The Hug and Pint is already tightly packed two hours before Honeyblood are due on stage, amplifying the fact that the band are way bigger than this venue, and that Glasgow really loves Honeyblood. They kick off with ‘Ready for The Magic’, the first single from their upcoming album Babes Never Die, and though fullContinue reading “Honeyblood at The Hug and Pint, 26/9/16”

Honeyblood – ‘Ready For The Magic’ [FatCat]

Honeyblood crashed onto the scene in 2014 with their critically acclaimed debut album and have since remained one of Glasgow’s most exciting bands. ‘Ready For The Magic’ is the first single from their upcoming second album and introduces a more polished-sounding Honeyblood – but don’t worry, that grungey 90’s vibe is definitely still there. There’sContinue reading “Honeyblood – ‘Ready For The Magic’ [FatCat]”

Honeyblood, Martha Ffion, The Van T’s at The Art School, 18/9/15

For anyone unaware, Honeyblood is a pop-duo who are riding high on a fuzzy wave; they have an excellently melodic debut album behind them (just now gearing up for number two) and last week took to Murrayfield to warm the stadium up for Foo Fighters. Martha Ffion and The Van T’s have been invited toContinue reading “Honeyblood, Martha Ffion, The Van T’s at The Art School, 18/9/15”

Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers – Aviemore (Saturday)

So, the journey starts and after managing to rally through the torrential rain and glide the car through five to 20 inches of mud to the camping field, it’s time to get dirty. Waking up on the Saturday morning after a masterful live set by Ben Howard – he’s even better live than on recordContinue reading “Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers – Aviemore (Saturday)”

Round-Up: Errors, BBC at the Quay, Ariana Grande, Lovers Turn To Monsters

So, in a bit of a trip from the usual review filled generalities I decided I would put up a bit of round up post Primavera of my musical adventures, of which there have been a few, all coming in a ridiculous haze that hasn’t faded two weeks later (me and Nick are going toContinue reading “Round-Up: Errors, BBC at the Quay, Ariana Grande, Lovers Turn To Monsters”

Album of 2014

17 Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common] A combination of two endearing singer-songwriters, brought together under the umbrella of Common Records in the dismal Glaswegian rain, resulting in an equally endearing collection of tracks. Taking a song each throughout the track listing, the single ‘Juan Antonio’ is a standoutContinue reading “Album of 2014”

Tracks of 2014

19 Atom Tree – ‘Sinner’ [Hotgem] The opening track of the Glasgow electronic trio’s latest EP, Clouds, introduced us to vocalist Julie Knox, who’s powerful and emotive voice slides brilliantly into Atom Tree’s deep synthpop, alerting people the trio on a much bigger scale than before, and rightfully so. 19 Call To Mind – ‘Breathe’Continue reading “Tracks of 2014”

NME Newbreed Tour with Honeyblood at Tut’s, 1/11/14

Glasgow noise pop duo Honeyblood describe themselves as ‘two girls who play some songs about stuff’, which is exactly what they proceed to do tonight in their hometown of Glasgow. They are not typically a band that one would associate with NME, who are constantly tapping into scenes, creating self-fulfilling prophecies by writing off theContinue reading “NME Newbreed Tour with Honeyblood at Tut’s, 1/11/14”

Honeyblood at CCA, 13/09/14

What Honeyblood lack in stage presence and energy the make up for in cuteness and sincerity, the Glaswegian duo (Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar) play tonight’s gig as the end of the Scottish leg, of what is to be a month long UK tour taking them right across the country. The show is completely soldContinue reading “Honeyblood at CCA, 13/09/14”