Hot Chip at Barrowlands, 16/10/15

‘It already feels like I’m at home’, comments Hot Chip guitarist Al Doyle to the sweaty, raving, packed-out crowd at Barrowlands after a spirited opener of Why Make Sense lead single, ‘Huarache Lights’. And it seems that this scene is home for Hot Chip now; though Hot Chip have taken a step away from theContinue reading “Hot Chip at Barrowlands, 16/10/15”

T in the Park 2015 (Friday)

Leaving perhaps too early, in an eager attempt not to miss some of the sparkling bands that are opening stages, we find ourselves at the site a good two hours before anyone is set to take any stage. The drive up is fairly comfortable, taking no longer than a straight 75-minutes, after the daily GreggsContinue reading “T in the Park 2015 (Friday)”

Hot Chip at The Art School, 12/5/15

The last time I saw Hot Chip the enjoyment was so natural and even slightly unexpected that it was always going to be hard to live up to. Previous to that time I had listened to the band a lot, but never fully appreciated how good a live prospect or just how many huge soundsContinue reading “Hot Chip at The Art School, 12/5/15”