Gold Mold Records 2015 Spring Sampler [Gold Mold]

Glasgow micro-label Gold Mold records have to date brought a few physical releases into the world, and their first attempt at a compilation highlights some of the best alternative music from Glasgow and beyond right now. It begins with a bang with the aptly named ‘Awake’ by Polarnecks, which is then followed by the bandContinue reading “Gold Mold Records 2015 Spring Sampler [Gold Mold]”

I Am David Laing – ‘Marmalade’ [Lonesome Boat]

I Am David Laing’s single ‘Marmalade’ is the first to be released by Lonesome Boat Records from his upcoming album, and if it’s anything to go by then the album will be something special. After working on various solo projects and with different bands Laing has put together his own four-piece as a way toContinue reading “I Am David Laing – ‘Marmalade’ [Lonesome Boat]”