Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017

In a chaotic affair we ending out not having any reviewers up at Belladrum this year, but we felt we’d be missing out if we called a halt on our photographers Allan Lewis and Stewart Fullerton going, so up they went and they got some great shots. Here’s some of the picks that we thoughtContinue reading “Photo Review: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 2017”

West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor 18/6/17

It only comes around once a year but Oran Mor’s All Dayer is one of the West End Festival’s most coveted musical events, this year boasting 17 bands across three stages and offering something for everyone, from pounding Scottish rock to electronic acts and dad-friendly acoustic nostalgia (it is Father’s Day after all). Kicking thingsContinue reading “West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor 18/6/17”

Indigo Velvet – ‘Sunrise’ [Spinnup]

‘Sunrise’ is an appropriate way to end what has been a rather bright year for Indigo Velvet, rounding off months of successful touring with a clear, bouncy and melodic single which captures the band’s sunshine spirit. Beginning with trademark shimmery guitar licks and a rolling, syncopated rhythm which demands cheerful foot-tapping, Darren Barclay’s voice entersContinue reading “Indigo Velvet – ‘Sunrise’ [Spinnup]”

Indigo Velvet, Delphi, Chris Greig at The Hug and Pint, 5/11/16

While the influence of EDM and synth-driven beats seems the order of the day for contemporary indie, tonight’s gig at The Hug and Pint proves that you can do a lot with a guitar, bass and drums and still sound fresh. First up is Chris Greig, who takes to the stage with an acoustic guitarContinue reading “Indigo Velvet, Delphi, Chris Greig at The Hug and Pint, 5/11/16”

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 6/8/16

It’s déjà vu on the final day of Belladrum, as I find myself once again in the XpoNorth Seedlings tent at the crack of dawn (in festival terms anyway). This time however it’s with far higher hopes, as Herald Unsigned winners We Came From Wolves are up to kick things off, a band whose moodyContinue reading “Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, 6/8/16”

T in the Park, 10/7/16

Day three arrives and there’s no reprieve on the weather, meaning not only is the arena the muddiest I can remember attending, but that we’re a good half hour late on the gates as flooding has caused health and safety concerns. These precautions seem more than granted, but unfortunately it does mean I only getContinue reading “T in the Park, 10/7/16”

Indigo Velvet – ‘Blue’

The new single from Indigo Velvet is a very upbeat and catchy pop record, with bright vocals and high-toned melodies it captures the spirit of modern popular music. The song begins with a catchy, intricate guitar riff and airy drone, which immediately set the tone of the rest of the record. The bright and clearContinue reading “Indigo Velvet – ‘Blue’”

Weekend Wars, FOREIGNFOX, Indigo Velvet, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 9/1/15

Tonight’s New Year’s Revolution gig starts with 90s sounding female-fronted Glaswegian grunge dream The Van T’s. Tut’s is already filling up with people excited for tonight’s amazing line-up of new Scottish talent, but the atmosphere in the venue remains relaxed as the band treat the crowd a number of passionate and heartfelt songs. The vocalsContinue reading “Weekend Wars, FOREIGNFOX, Indigo Velvet, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 9/1/15”