Doune The Rabbit Hole, 22/8/15

A curing tea, a rather hefty haggis roll and some cute bunnies later and we’re just about ready to go on day two at Doune, after sleeping in a tent proved a much more difficult task that it had been previously. Still a wee seat down at the Whistleblower stage we catch Glasgow funk rockersContinue reading “Doune The Rabbit Hole, 22/8/15”

Insect Heroes – Apocalypso [Lost Map]

Born from “years of failure, both as a musician and human being”, Insect Heroes debut album, Apocalypso, is anything but a catastrophe, a weird and wonderful collection of eccentric pop gems that stands up as one of the most adventurous records of the year so far. Lead single ‘Pop Music’ is the centrepiece of theContinue reading “Insect Heroes – Apocalypso [Lost Map]”